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A non-absurdity heuristic, and why I’m not a Singularitarian

So er… Erm. Yeah. This is no longer a thing. I wrote a post exactly six months ago explaining why I was a Singularitarian. Or, well, so I thought. Except then I thought about it long and hard. And I finished … Continue reading

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What’s logical coherence for anyway?

Time for a writeup! Or something. So I’ve written before about Logical Uncertainty in a very vague way. And a few weeks ago I wrote about a specific problem of Logical Uncertainty which was presented in the MIRI workshop. I’m gonna reference definitions and results from … Continue reading

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The Gaifman Condition and the Π1-Π2 problem

So I’m at a MIRI workshop on Logical Uncertainty, and I’m gonna make a more complete post about it later, but I wanted to talk about a thing that has been on my mind. So we’re trying to build a … Continue reading

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MIRI paper on logical uncertainty

Talking to raginrayguns again and he mentioned that a month and a half ago, Paul Christiano wrote a paper exactly on the subject of logical uncertainty. While I haven’t finished reading it yet, I’ll publish it here because it’s relevant. … Continue reading

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