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Bayesian Networks

I have mentioned before that Bayesian Inference is, in general, intractable. People like Gaussians a lot because many nice results in closed-form can be derived from them, analytical treatments are in general possible and even easy to do, but for … Continue reading

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Confidence and Credibility

Three days ago I got slightly drunk with a few friends (two of which were mentioned in a recent post) and one of them and I were trying to explain to the other what the difference between confidence and credible intervals were. Since … Continue reading

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Learning Bayes [part 1]

I have a confession to make. I don’t actually know Bayesian statistics. Or, any statistics at all, really. Shocking, I know. But hear me out. What I know is… Bayesian theory. I can derive Bayes’ Theorem, and I also can probably … Continue reading

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