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Mathematical Hells

[Warning: Memetic hazard and philosophical trip. Also, probably incorrect. Talks about death and torture and robots.] The universe is probably infinite, flat, uniform, and ergodic. This means not only that there are an infinity of copies of the Earth, all … Continue reading

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A non-absurdity heuristic, and why I’m not a Singularitarian

So er… Erm. Yeah. This is no longer a thing. I wrote a post exactly six months ago explaining why I was a Singularitarian. Or, well, so I thought. Except then I thought about it long and hard. And I finished … Continue reading

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An anti-conjunction fallacy, and why I’m a Singularitarian

When anyone talks about the possibility or probability of the creation/existence of an UFAI, there are many failure modes into which lots of people fall. One of them is the logical fallacy of generalisation from fictional evidence, where people think up … Continue reading

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MIRI paper on logical uncertainty

Talking to raginrayguns again and he mentioned that a month and a half ago, Paul Christiano wrote a paper exactly on the subject of logical uncertainty. While I haven’t finished reading it yet, I’ll publish it here because it’s relevant. … Continue reading

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